Ambra Health Partners with Arterys to Accelerate Clinical-grade AI Imaging Capabilities

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Arterys is a Rosenman Innovator company.


From the press release.

Ambra Health, maker of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, today announced a partnership with Arterys, the world’s leading vendor neutral AI platform. The partnership allows Ambra Health to directly integrate with the Arterys platform for seamless interoperability, accelerating efforts to bring new clinical-grade AI applications to providers.

Arterys is a medical imaging AI platform and marketplace that enables providers to weave AI clinical applications directly into existing imaging data workflows. With seven FDA-cleared AI solutions, including Cardio AI, Lung AI, and Neuro AI, Arterys makes it easy for clinicians to integrate AI into their workflows from a single interface.

The Ambra suite consolidates multiple imaging systems with one flexible, customizable, and interoperable cloud platform that lets providers access imaging data securely anytime, anywhere. Layering new AI applications within the Ambra platform produces a powerhouse of innovative workflows, windows for research and development, and long-term improvements to patient care.

“Arterys has demonstrated that AI has rapidly moved from theory to practice. But in order for AI programs to be effective, imaging data can’t operate in silos or disparate systems. By partnering with Arterys, we’re making it seamless for physicians to layer on innovative AI solutions to their existing Ambra cloud technology,” said Andrew Duckworth, Ambra Health VP of Business Development.

“We’re making AI real by improving the physician experience. We are increasing diagnosis, treatment accuracy, and ultimately outcomes that matter to patients and providers. We’re excited to partner with Ambra Health to make it easy for providers to incorporate clinical-grade AI into their workflows,” said John Axerio-Cilies, CEO at Arterys.

The partnership is the latest instance of Ambra Health’s push to improve interoperability among AI solution providers. In late 2020, the company announced partnerships with CureMetrix, CuraCloud and ImageBiopsy.

To learn more about the partnership, visit Ambra Health’s partner Solution Directory.

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About Arterys
Arterys is the market leader as the world’s first and only internet platform for AI in medical imaging. Our objective is to transform healthcare by transforming radiology. The Arterys platform is 100% web-based, AI-powered and FDA cleared, unlocking clinical solutions that require only a web browser and an internet connection. For more information on Arterys, please visit