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2020 Rosenman Innovator, Nanochon, received an investment for their regenerative cartilage technology. The investment will enable Nanochon to continue development of their innovative material and 3D printed designs that aim to replace lost or damaged cartilage and encourage new growth.
From the press release:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — cultivate(MD) Capital Funds LP, funds that are focused on investments into early-stage medical device companies with innovative technologies, announced today that they have made a significant investment into Nanochon, a Washington, D.C.—based regenerative cartilage innovator.  

Nanochon develops solutions utilized by sports medicine physicians to treat active patients requiring cartilage restoration.  Nanochon’s Chondrograft™ replaces lost or damaged cartilage and encourages new growth using an innovative material and 3D printed designs that are cost-effective and easy to deploy treatment options.

R. Sean Churchill, MD, MBA, Managing Director of cultivate(MD) said, “cultivate(MD) is proud to announce their investment in the Series Seed Prime round for Nanochon. Over the past six years, cultivate(MD) Capital Funds has focused our efforts to help develop emerging technology that solves previously unsolvable healthcare conditions.  Nanochon fits this description perfectly as they address focal cartilage defects in the 18-55 year old active patient population.  Their novel implant has demonstrated unparalleled results in numerous equine studies and is in final preparation for first-in-human trials.  cultivate(MD) is proud to partner with Nanochon to help bring this technology to the forefront, and I am pleased to have been appointed to serve on Nanochon’s Board of Directors to represent cultivate(MD) Capital.

Benjamin Holmes, PhD, CEO of Nanochon said, “We at Nanochon are thrilled to welcome cultivate(MD) as a key investor and valued member of our Board of Directors. Their investment and board participation represent a significant vote of confidence in our vision and technology. This collaboration is a crucial step towards accelerating our groundbreaking work in revolutionizing joint health and regenerative treatments and will enable us to establish a new standard in minimally invasive, durable, and restorative treatments.”