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Congratulations to the 2022 ADAPT Awardees, Welfie and Moving Analytics! Together with UCSF Rosenman ADAPT program partners, their solutions that aim to tackle pressing healthcare disparities are one step closer to our communities.
From the press release:

Today, the UCSF Rosenman Institute announced that Welfie and Moving Analytics have been selected as the 2022 UCSF Rosenman ADAPT Program (ADAPT) awardees.

ADAPT accelerates the development, scaling, and adoption of novel technologies that tackle the most pressing healthcare disparities by pairing early-stage companies with large industry players.

As ADAPT awardees, Welfie and Moving Analytics will each receive $100,000 non-dilutive funding and the opportunity to partner with Blue Shield of California, Evernorth Health ServicesOptumLabs, and UnitedHealth Group. They will also join a community of key investors, payors, and employees.

Moving Analytics is a leading telehealth provider of cardiovascular prevention programs. Moving Analytics created Movn, an end-to-end virtual cardiac rehab program that has produced significant improvements for cardiovascular patients, including a 50 percent reduction in hypertension and a 70 percent reduction in depression.

“The gap in care after a heart attack or surgery is immense, often leading to a lower quality of life and even increase in mortality for patients. We are on a mission to conquer cardiovascular diseases and empower people with tools for a healthier lifestyle,” said Harsh Vathsangam, Co-Founder and CEO of Moving Analytics. “We are excited to be one of Rosenman’s ADAPT awardees and continue to scale access to cardiac care services to patients nationwide.”

Welfie enables K-12 schools to tackle the health issues most pertinent to children through its digital screening tool, “Welfie”. Welfie delivers personalized health information to caregivers, along with referrals to health and social services. Steven Moyo, Welfie’s Founder and CEO, says that “Health education is one of the biggest things missing from American families. With Welfie’s comprehensive, user-friendly platform, families can make better health decisions for their children, especially in underprivileged communities.” He also adds, “We’re honored to be selected as an ADAPT awardee and are eager to pilot our program with one of the most respected healthcare companies in the nation. By leveraging technology to deliver accessible and affordable care, we can help ensure that every child can live a healthy and fulfilling life.”

Christine Winoto, Rosenman’s founder and director, highlights the synergistic relationship between ADAPT’s entrepreneurs and the healthcare companies: “Healthcare entrepreneurs are adept at spotting inefficiencies and agile when devising solutions yet may lack necessary resources to expand their reach, whereas large companies often have a uniform approach that is not the most effective way to provide care that patients require. This is where ADAPT comes in.”

With a goal of ensuring all Californians have access to high-quality health care at an affordable price, Blue Shield of California exemplifies the Rosenman Institute and ADAPT’s mission.

“At Blue Shield, we are committed to addressing our member’s biggest healthcare concerns, especially through innovative and creative efforts,” said Sandra Clarke, Chief Operating Officer of Blue Shield of California. “We know we can’t drive significant systems innovation on our own, and we are fortunate to work with startups to create tangible and lasting change in our communities.”

Evernorth Health Services relentlessly innovates to improve health and value for users and buyers of health care, by making high value preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services more accessible to millions of people, and has been an ADAPT program partner since its inception.

Glen Stettin, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, states “By partnering across the ecosystem to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges, we all benefit from the diversity of thinking and approach and the ability to learn faster, together. We are excited to work with Welfie, an innovative start-up that is connecting children and families with nutrition and social resources that have the power to meaningfully reduce health disparities.”

2022 marks the third year of the ADAPT program and its impact is starting to be realized. Oshi Health, a healthcare startup transforming gastrointestinal (GI) care delivery, was selected in 2020. Founder of Oshi Health, Sam Holliday, recalls that Oshi Health was still in its early-stages upon applying to ADAPT, with no live-clinics. Through the ADAPT program, Oshi Health was able to begin the clinical trials to prove efficiency for a variety of GI conditions, which was instrumental in moving Oshi to their next round of venture funding.

Last year, awardees included Laguna Health, a digital recovery assurance company with an app that provides step-by-step guidance for member’s evolving individual recovery needs; MD Ally, whose partnership with Public Safety gives non-emergency callers instant access to telehealth; Visana Health, a women’s health company that provides holistic care to those suffering from gynecological conditions; and XP Health, the world’s first all-in-one vision health platform.