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Expert Consult with Nicolle Cannon, Cannon Quality Group: Quality Management

July 11, 2022

Are you unsure about when to introduce a quality management system for your early-stage venture? Perhaps the step seems daunting and you’re putting it off? 

Apply to meet with Nicolle Cannon of Cannon Quality Group for a 45-minute slot on the morning of Monday, July 11, 2022.

CQG specializes in developing right-sized quality systems based on product risk/class, organization size, organizational stage, with an eye toward being “strategic partner-friendly.”

About Nicolle Cannon

Nicolle Cannon, Founder of Cannon Quality Group, is celebrating her 10th year of growing an engineer-minded Quality Assurance professional support organization.  The team at CQG are focused on helping organizations take the fear out of quality and implementing smarter quality management systems that add value to the business. 

Nicolle’s journey started when she graduated from California Polytechnic State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. From there, her career began as a Quality Engineer, working and learning through different engineering and leadership roles until she became Senior Director of Quality for a large public medical device company.  

It was during her work as an engineer in medical device companies where she grew frustrated with quality systems and quality organizations that were built on fear of the regulation. Through the years, Nicolle has observed quality organizations that continue to build quality systems that are based on fear of the standards and regulations.  Her frustration mounted as she watched great products, that could be helping patients, stagnate in systems that did not aid in innovation.

Nicolle founded Cannon Quality Group, LLC in 2009 with the primary focus of aiding new safe technologies into the clinic fast so they can help improve the lives of patients. She believes that quality systems are a world of GREY, and in order to implement an effective quality system into an organization, you need to factor in product class/risk, organization size and organizational stage.

Her ideas are that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the quality system need, and that it is paramount to the success of the organization to implement a right-sized quality system approach.

Cannon Quality Group’s specialties are working with organizations of any size, from startup to public, including manufacturers and suppliers, providing assistance and leadership in implementing and maintaining Quality System solutions. 

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