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Cooler Heads’ Amma is the first FDA cleared solution for scalp cooling that is profitable for infusion centers. Our patented platform is patient administered and portable so we alleviate the significant nursing workload of other solutions and we don’t change patient workflows.

Soulside is an AI-led platform delivering group-based mental health support, through live sessions and asynchronous text support. The proprietary AI Copilot enables clinicians in real-time to deliver measurement-based personalized care in group, while also driving predictive analytics for early detection of depression and anxiety for members.

Moonrise Medical is developing an automated, ultrasound-based device for diagnosis, management, and surgical guidance in patients with arterial disease to help reduce limb amputations.

Swing is a virtual care platform for treatment of chronic primary pain conditions, with a self-developed FDA-authorized digital behavioral therapy, Stanza, as a core component of care. Swing’s first focus is treating fibromyalgia, a debilitating chronic pain condition impacting 10M people in the US, primarily women.

TYBR Health has developed B3 Gel, a blue biologic barrier gel, designed to improve recovery after tendon repair surgeries. This proprietary flowable biologic shields healing tissues to reduce scarring and adhesions, promoting faster and more natural healing processes, enhancing patient outcomes.

Virtual therapy company which restores the mobility to patients with stroke and spinal cord injuries. Their tech has powered the rehabilitation of more than 1,000 patients. Some of their key research partners are University of Illinois Chicago, Emory University and other leaders of industry such as Shirley Ryan Ability Lab.