2023 Rosenman Innovators

Meet the talented healthcare leaders and winners of the 2023 Rosenman Innovators selected for the highly our wonderful community. Best pitch event in healthcare.

Alvee is an AI-driven, health equity data activation and management platform. We’re a comprehensive health equity solution that’s installed as an add-on application to a healthcare organizations’ existing CRM/EHR.

Scoliosis correction implant tether: single surgery, full range of motion for the patient after implantation, and non-invasive adjustment of tether length as the adolescent patient grows.

ConKay’s unique annular repair technology treats patients with Tricuspid Regurgitation and is compatible with ICE imaging, avoids pacemaker leads, and can treat large valves (70+ mm), unlike anything currently available.

Goodable has built the first-ever AI-enabled newsfeed with demonstrable impact in reducing chronic anxiety and depression.

Knowtex makes healthcare organizations 2x more efficient through automated note-taking and charge capture. Our software captures conversation, identifies relevant medical information, and generates a pre-filled note with ICD-10/CPT codes.

Nest Collaborative’s nationwide network of board-certified lactation consultants delivers preventive lactation care for families 7 days/week via telehealth, prenatally and throughout breastfeeding’s duration, in partnership with health systems and employers.

Piction Health provides high quality, expert dermatology care to everyone who needs it, anywhere. Our AI is on par with dermatologists, and helps dermatologist care for 15X more patients. 

Diverting sleeve anchored in the colon after surgery (e.g. colorectal cancer resection) that eliminates the need for a temporary ostomy

Returning Innovators

Centese has developed technology that transforms the recovery process for patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, accelerating healing while minimizing complications. Their system, Thoraguard, is 510(k)-cleared by FDA and has been used on over 4,000 patients to date.

Enspectra is developing a noninvasive pathology technology to image live cellular structure without cuts or stains. Using a combination of multiphoton and reflectance confocal microscopy, we image under the skin surface to see structures hitherto only visible on slides. Our images are instantly digital and optimal for AI analysis.