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Blumio, a Rosenman Innovator company, has recently been acquired by CardieX. Specializing in wearable sensor technologies for cardiovascular health disorders, Blumio’s suite of data analytics and visualization tools advance CardieX’s efforts to promote vascular health.
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IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CardieX Limited (ASX: CDX), a global health technology company focused on cardiovascular disease, today announced that it has acquired all the assets of Blumio, Inc., a Silicon Valley based developer of advanced algorithms and technology for cardiovascular sensors, signifying the company’s continued investment in cardiovascular health monitoring technologies. Blumio’s technology has the potential to significantly increase clinical performance for CardieX’s ecosystem of heart health monitoring solutions.

Blumio has been leading the charge in developing wearable sensor technologies that can capture a cardiovascular signal without necessitating the use of pulse pressure. As a result of the prior 3-year collaboration between Blumio and CardieX, the companies have already demonstrated Blumio’s sensor technology to be compatible with ATCOR’s patented SphygmoCor® arterial health technology.

Blumio has also developed a suite of data analytics and visualization tools used to uncover insights in clinical data that significantly contribute to CardieX’s current wearable development efforts. These tools will enhance CardieX’s “Arty™ Heart Health Analytics Platform” to proactively monitor, alert, and provide actionable health insights from CardieX’s CONNEQT Pulse and CONNEQT Band devices – thereby enabling physicians and patients alike to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Commensurate with the acquisition, Blumio CEO and Co-founder Catherine Liao joins CardieX as Chief Strategy Officer, with Blumio’s Head of Product & Operations Steve Braaten joining CardieX as Operations Director.

Commenting on the acquisition CardieX Group CEO, Craig Cooper stated:

“Blumio brings a suite of capabilities in wearable sensor development, signal processing, and big data analytics expertise that will benefit both of our ATCOR and CONNEQT brands, especially in relation to the ongoing development activities surrounding our CONNEQT Band. This acquisition is a natural extension of our core solutions that provide a comprehensive ecosystem of unique health and wellness features focused on heart health.

I’m also personally thrilled to have Catherine and Steve join our team. I’ve been working closely with Catherine for over 3-years as a result of our development collaboration and have seen first-hand the vision and strategic input she can bring to CardieX.”

Further commenting on the acquisition, former Blumio CEO Catherine Liao stated:

“I’m very excited to join the CardieX group of companies. We’ve come a long way with our development activities at Blumio and the time was right to bring that knowledge and technology into a company that shares our strong cultural alignment and focus on creating disruptive health solutions.”

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