From Entrepreneurs

Brandon Felkins, CO-FOUNDER & Coo, ocular dynamics

“Our intern Wenbo Ge was fantastic. There was one specific piece of test equipment that we had previously designed that cost us $10,000 in parts and $3,000 in software. Wenbo was able to re-design the fixture so that total part cost was under $2,000 and he also eliminated the expensive software by writing the code with a free online tool that he found."


“From finding us summer interns to connecting us with investors to hosting great events featuring leading medtech innovators, the Institute has played a significant role in helping us successfully navigate the early stages of building a company."


“The Rosenman Innovation Award allowed our group to collect critical early validation of our device in an animal model, helping propel us to the next stage of development."


“I received expert assessment on the feasibility of my idea and my filed IP from the Rosenman Fellows. Based on the IP assessment, the Fellows provided me with guidance on how to navigate the IP and identify areas where I could strengthen our position."

PETER EMBLAD, MD, EMERGENCY CARE PHYSICIAN, kaiser permanente. ceo, skuut, llc

“Christine introduced us to a mentor, who was wonderful at framing the market potential and usability of the product. We have met with several engineers, who have all been instrumental at overcoming design hurdles and coming up with new concepts and ideas.”


From Interns

kristofer mcadam saltire.jpg

Kristofer McAdam, 2nd Year Master’s in Product Design Engineering, University of Strathclyde

“I loved everything about my work at Zenflow. I got involved with every department from operations to Quality Assurance and of course primarily the R&D team where each week I was given new and different tasks to complete independently or to help colleagues to complete.”

Ellie Blues 150x195.jpg

Ellie Blues, 4th Year Biomedical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

“Highlights from my time at ThrombX Medical include a physician interaction with 5 interventional neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons to gain their feedback on the device - meeting and conversing was an incredible experience. Furthermore, I saw three animal studies which were very different experiences. It was interesting to see how the device operates in a surgical setting and how the design is optimized.”

Neil Gill, 4th year product design engineering, university of strathclyde

“Working in a start-up in Silicon Valley has given me the chance to meet world-leading experts in bioengineering and medicine.”

Sarah Glenny, 4th year sports engineering, university of strathclyde

“Never in my life did I think I would be trusted enough to test manufactured heart valves that will one day have an impact on somebody's life.”

Stephen Johnston, 4th year product design engineering, university of strathclyde

“Spinal Singularity consisted of two full-time employees: the CEO and myself. I have been given an unbelievable opportunity where I worked directly with the founder on a daily basis and was exposed to all aspects of the company. It was honestly the best summer of my life and a once in a lifetime experience.”

Richard Knight, 4th year product design engineering, university of strathclyde

“Working at such a small company allowed me insight into the entrepreneurial side of things and taught me a lot of stuff that I never even think about in daily life.”

Craig Stephen, 4th year mechanical engineering, heriot-watt university

“Being able to say that I am working on a device that will save lives in the future is not something I would ever have imagined happening a few years ago, and has now given real purpose to my university studies.”

EUAN FOSTER, 5th year Aero & mechanical engineering, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

“Apart from engineering drawings, I developed many other skills that will benefit me professionally. I chaired numerous meetings, arranged site visits to new suppliers, sourced relevant information, designed numerous parts and custom tools to automate the assembly process, and learned how engineering is approached in a commercial environment.”


“I gained experience working first hand with injection molding machinery, FDA paperwork, medical device testing and designing machine parts, while working within a developing company in the heart of Silicon Valley. It doesn't get much better.”

FERGUS MOORE, 3rd year business, university of Strathclyde, scotland

“On my second week [...] I'm whisked away to ‘scrub up’ and find myself standing in the back of an Operating Room with cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and nurses, watching heart surgery. Although it was extremely warm and tiring standing for two hours in there, it was an amazing thing that very few people ever get the chance to experience.”