How It Works

An immersive fellowship program with a focus on cardiovascular health, the UCSF Cardiology & Rosenman Institute BUILD™ Heart Health program delivers an experience tailored to fit the needs of each team. 

Coached by experienced entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, as well as an Advisory Board and a Clinical Board, teams of up to 4 BUILDers will take an 11-month journey through the entire innovation development process, with a focus on building viable services, products, and companies. 

Immersion (1 month) 

  • Become familiar with the entire stakeholder ecosystem 
  • Understand existing workflows 
  • Learn the UCSF Cardiology & Rosenman Institute BUILD Heart Health process 

Investigation (3 months) 

  • Analyze market gaps and opportunities 
  • Identify the problem their team will focus on 
  • Begin collaboration with stakeholder ecosystem to vet problem 

Ideation (2 months) 

  • Ideation for design of novel solutions 
  • Identify pathways for navigating stakeholder ecosystem 
  • Revisit and refine design 

BUILD (5 months) 

  • Demonstrate proof of concept, potential for MVP 
  • Build viable business plan  
  • Design strategies for fundraising, operations, and growth 

American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation. The UCSF Cardiology & Rosenman Institute BUILD Heart Health program in collaboration with the American Heart Association