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Natalie Wisniewski

Dr. Wisniewski’s research focuses on biomaterial-tissue interactions, specifically the foreign body response and how it affects implanted sensors. Her novel work on tissue-integrating sensors expands the paradigm of biocompatibility beyond surface chemistry to biomechanics and bioelectronics to enable long-term continuous sensors in the body. Dr. Wisniewski co-founded Profusa, Inc., a company that is revolutionizing continuous monitoring of body chemistries through in vivo biosensors and mobile health. Profusa has developed this technology from concept to clinic with tissue-integrating sensor in humans functioning for a landmark of 4 years. She is the Principle Investigator on $29M of NIH and DARPA research grants, and has over 100 papers, patents and invited lectures on biosensors, diabetes, tissue hypoxia, and implantable devices. She was awarded the NIH Transformative Research Award for her work on multi-analyte in vivo sensing for mobile health applications.