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Hello Alpha, a virtual primary care group, increases accessibility to women’s healthcare through a medical team specifically trained to address a woman’s needs. Today, Hello Alpha announced their first enterprise partnership, Sonrava Health.
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PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hello Alpha, a virtual primary care group empowering women to take control of their healthcare by offering a medical team specifically trained for a woman’s unique needs, announces its first enterprise partnership today. This partnership signals the growing demand for accessible healthcare solutions for women at all life stages.

Hello Alpha now services Sonrava Health employees and dependents, providing access to its full membership benefits and suite of condition treatments including mental health, menopause, and diabetes. This marks Sonrava Health’s first comprehensive women’s health partner and Hello Alpha’s accelerated growth, driven by a shared commitment to support women.

With this collaboration, Hello Alpha continues its mission of expanding access to women’s health by providing comprehensive and affordable healthcare for Sonrava Health’s workforce. Hello Alpha treats all patients, and specializes in holistic women’s health because the U.S.’s medical institutions were built around a standard of care for young, able-bodied men. As a result, disparities persist in the quality of care that women, gender non-conforming individuals, and historically marginalized communities receive. This partnership empowers Sonrava Health’s employees to receive quality benefits from their workplace that address their specific healthcare needs.

“Many employer-sponsored benefits for women target conditions like fertility that are great for women of reproductive age, but they exclude everyone else,” says Gloria Lau, Hello Alpha’s Founder & CEO. “We’re closing a gap in benefits plans to offer truly inclusive and comprehensive primary care for women at all life stages. Employee benefits leaders recognize that the most impactful solutions for women’s health are inclusive and take a holistic approach to care.”

As of 2021, 60% of women received healthcare coverage from employer-sponsored insurance.

Similar to health insurance being a traditional benefit provided by employers, telemedicine memberships will soon be an expected, critical offering. Today’s generation has high expectations for their telemedicine experience, and instead of transactional, anonymous providers, they demand a dedicated care team. They reject generic, disjointed care and seek personalization that accounts for gender-specific needs and the relationship between mental and physical health. The partnership with Sonrava Health ensures that employers can meet this demand with Hello Alpha’s reimagined patient experience that treats the whole person.

“Our employees show up to provide exceptional dental care to our patients. To empower them to do their best work, we look for innovative benefits that fit into their lives,” said Kevin Simes, Director, Total Rewards at Sonrava Health. “We’re thrilled to partner with Hello Alpha to bring holistic, virtual healthcare into the hands of our employees, and especially to the women on our teams. Hello Alpha’s focus on women’s health clearly resonates with them and fills a critical need— we’re already seeing strong utilization results.”