Arterys Partners With Combinostics to Accelerate Accurate and Consistent Evaluations of Patients With Neurodegenerative Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

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Arterys is a Rosenman Innovator company. From the press release. See also Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Arterys, the world’s leading vendor neutral AI platform, today announced its partnership with Combinostics to make their AI imaging solution, cNeuro® available on the Arterys Platform. This partnership enables Arterys to have the most comprehensive Neuro AI suite on the market covering a broad set of applications in neuroradiology.

Arterys has initially fully integrated the cMRI™ algorithms from the cNeuro suite and they will be available via its FDA-cleared and CE marked MICA platform to its installed base in the coming weeks. The platform’s cloud SaaS model enables the cMRI™ workflow-enhancing algorithms to be delivered instantly to any of Arterys’ existing customers.

Developed by Combinostics, the AI-powered imaging solutions provide unparalleled decision support to radiology professionals. cMRI™ is a fully automated solution that facilitates more accurate and consistent evaluations of patients with neurological disorders such as dementia and multiple sclerosis. These AI-based tools will be available in Arterys Neuro AI suite and will empower radiologists with data-driven decision support and enhanced diagnosis.

We’re excited to make Combinostics innovations available to doctors around the world,” said John Axerio-Cilies, Arterys co-founder and CEO. “We’ve tuned the experience for seamless workflow integration—towards the ends of efficient and quantitative assessment imaging analysis for brain MRI providing deep, fast, and reliable insights.”

“We are delighted to be working with Arterys to deliver Combinostics’ cNeuro suite on their medical imaging AI platform,” said Richard Hausmann, CEO, Combinostics. “This powerful collaboration will enable more hospitals and healthcare organizations to have access to our fully automated brain MRI quantification and support early detection, differential diagnosis and patient monitoring for neurological disorders like dementia or multiple sclerosis into their workflow.”

About Combinostics 

Combinostics’ AI-powered cNeuro suite of products helps clinicians make a difference in the lives of patients with neurological disorders. By quantifying brain images and integrating patient data from multiple sources with insights from previous patients, the company’s unique software tools provide radiologists and clinicians the support they need for confident, evidence-based diagnostic and management decisions. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Tampere, Finland. For more information, please visit

About Arterys

Arterys is the market leader and the world’s first internet platform for medical imaging. Its objective is to transform healthcare by transforming radiology. The Arterys platform is 100% web-based, AI-powered, and FDA-cleared, unlocking simple clinical solutions. For more information on Arterys, please visit