Here are the services you get from Startup in a Box: 


We are proud to have helped over 250 teams create well-structured companies. The goal of the program is to help life science entrepreneurs create operational fundingto turn ideas into action, which will allow you to hone your understanding of your customers, focus on key technical risks, and build a team. QB3 Startup in a Box provides IP free, non-equity staked support for your companies success.   

– Legal –

  • Selection of the form of business organization
  • Help with setting up the initial capital structure (including discussions of vesting schedules and issuance of shares)
  • Registration with the appropriate authorities
  • Standard legal documents (NDA, consulting, employment, and SAB agreements, etc.)
  • Preliminary review of IP position, including a letter of intent for a license from the university (if necessary)

– Banking –

  • Setup of a commercial bank account

– SBIR application workshop –

  • Focused on the NIH and NSF SBIR programs, which increases the likelihood of funding threefold

– Pitch deck/executive summary workshop –

  • An interactive workshop where experienced investors and entrepreneurs share their lessons about how to make your pitch polished and investable. 

– Freedom to operate analysis –

  • In collaboration with the UC Hastings Startup Legal Garage and Berkeley Law