– Background –

The Department of Surgery identified the need for their department to access programs and facilities that would allow companies to spin off based on ideas from their entrepreneurial surgeons. Additionally, an efficient program for startup creation would benefit collaboration with trainees from the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences (BTS).

QB3 suggested the idea of the Rosenman Institute, which would bring together innovative surgeons with seasoned medical device professionals that are friends of Dan Rosenman and QB3. QB3 recognized the potential of these professionals—all of them seasoned entrepreneurs in the medical device space—to increase the rates of success for projects brought forward by clinicians. The Friends of Dan Rosenman have offered to provide mentorship to these surgeons and students in memory of Dan Rosenman.

The Department of Surgery, BTS, Friends of Dan Rosenman, and QB3 are the founding partners of the Rosenman Institute.


– ABOUT Dan Rosenman –

The institute is named after the late Daniel Casper Rosenman, who dedicated 25 years to the field of medical devices. Dan was an innovative designer of novel medical technologies serving diverse clinical areas including cardiology, cardiac surgery, urology, general surgery, and ophthalmology. He led R&D efforts from the initial founding, to financing and through commercialization in multiple startups.

Dan was inventor or co-inventor on 40 U.S. patents and co-founded BioCardia, an interventional cardiology device company. His passion was not only the rapid design of innovative products, but also bringing them to clinicians and patients within a short time period and in a way that focused on the human factors, as well as clinical utility. He was known not just as a brilliant and innovative designer and inventor, but also as a person with a strong moral compass and a genuine focus on human healing and care. He was an active volunteer at the UCSF Pediatric Device Consortium. Dan’s friends and former colleagues will play a major role in the Rosenman Institute to honor him and continue his legacy.