Saltire Foundation Internship Program

A three-month fully funded internship is available through the Rosenman Institute’s collaboration with the Saltire Foundation. Eligible students are in the penultimate year of their undergraduate program studying in universities in Scotland. Below are some examples of the work interns have been involved in:

Example : Engineering Project : Mechanical Engineering Senior

The intern worked on a broad range of projects, including plastic part design and molding using 3D CAD, design testing and verification, electronics design and testing, and software coding and verification. The intern will be in full immersion in the activities being completed by the company engineering team that work on new products and improvements to their existing product. Work activities included device assembly and testing, product and process validation, protocol and report writing, device performance characterization, production planning and ordering, manufacturing process improvements, incoming quality control inspection, problem solving and brainstorming, and CAD using SolidWorks 2013.

Example : Market Analysis Project: Early-Stage Cardiac Device Company

The intern was assigned to a very early-stage company to help in various aspects of their business startup. The diverse aspects of work included analysis and research on market opportunity, unmet clinical needs, competitive landscape, regulatory pathways, and exit strategy. The final delivery of the project is a business plan for the company.

The intern benefited from learning to develop a project-specific business plan for a company, which helped the company make an informed decision on the direction of its startup.

JP Morgan Internship Program

A six-month fully funded intern is available for medical device startups through Rosenman Institute’s collaboration with JP Morgan.

Interns may include currently enrolled students in their senior year of an undergraduate program, or in a graduate or postgraduate program.

Rosenman Institute and UC Berkeley’s Department of Bioengineering Program

Students from UC Berkeley’s Department of Bioengineering are placed in Rosenman Institute projects and companies, with mentoring provided by the Rosenman Fellows. All participating students are in their senior year.

For Spring 2015, four students have been selected to work with mentors on two Rosenman Institute projects:

  • ChemoFilter—a disposable catheter invented by UCSF’s Steven Hetts, M.D. An alternative to hemodialysis, the device reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs by capturing them as they escape tumors.

  • A method developed by UCSF’s Elaine Tseng, M.D., to enable surgeons to implant and replace transcatheter aortic valves in patients younger than 60 years old.

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