Strategic Marketing Innovations

Strategy for securing federal funding
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Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI) will provide 8 hours of discussion with one company on the strategy for securing federal funding. SMI will first review background materials, technical documents, and all federal marketing efforts conducted to date. SMI will then conduct a strategy session with company representatives, including the Founder and/or CSO. This session will focus on defining the federal agencies and programs within those agencies that have mission statements suitable to the technology under development at the company. The goal of the strategy session is to lay out a concrete action plan on how the company should engage the federal government, including relevant programs, program staff, funding opportunities and funding vehicles. SMI will provide a written summary that includes a federal marketing roadmap, a visual representation of all relevant programs and players in the company’s technology area. This will include recommendations for specific federal agency program managers with whom the company should engage.

About SMI

SMI is a full-service government relations firm located in the nation’s capital that provides clients with consulting services focused on both federal appropriations and marketing. We have been providing government relations services to universities, high technology companies, and other organizations since 1993. Our offices are located at 1020 19th Street, NW. Our location is strategically positioned in downtown DC, with easy access to Capitol Hill and various federal department and agency buildings.

SMI employs a full-time staff of 15 who include PhD-level scientists, lobbyists, retired military officials, policy analysts and expert advisors. SMI’s professionals have over seventy-five years combined experience working and marketing federal programs. In addition, SMI maintains a roster of over thirty-five Senior Advisors, primarily former high-level government officials and scientists with access and expertise across a wide breadth of government agencies and programs. SMI has access to senior officials and program managers across several federal departments and agencies. We work with our clients to open doors and gather information to help identify program opportunities, resolve issues, market new program concepts, and preposition clients for upcoming procurement opportunities. Our services cover the full life cycle of a federal initiative, including program planning, technical marketing, lobbying and program implementation. Our personnel have technical, program, contracting and legislative experience, which enables us to fully understand and respond to the needs of our clients, federal program managers and the legislative staff. SMI’s areas of policy expertise run the gamut, and include a particularly successful track record of defense, life science, energy and agricultural policy work.

Strategic Marketing Innovations