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Software architecture & mentoring
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100 hrs of software architecture time, plus 20 hrs of mentoring over a 1 year period.
50 hrs software architecture time in the first 6 months, plus 10 hrs of mentoring. After 6 months, Green Mars will mutually agree with the company to continue and repeat the 50 hrs oftware architecture time over the next 6 months, plus the 10 hrs mentoring support. The software architecture time will include the delivery of diagrams and documentation to detail the desired / needed software architecture for the project.

About Green Mars Consulting

Green Mars is a full-service software engineering firm for startups building Biotech and IoT firmware and hardware, machine learning technology, online retail, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and more, based out of Cupertino, CA. We are a fully distributed, office-free team with online communication tools that connect us with clients and each other at any time. We work to create a mutually supportive environment for both clients and employees

Green Mars Consulting