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Design time, mentoring
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100 hrs of design time, plus 20 hrs of mentoring over a 1 year period.

50 hrs design/ engineering time in the first 6 months, plus 10 hrs of mentoring. After 6 months, D+I will mutually agree with the company to continue and repeat the 50 hrs design/ engineering time over the next 6 months, plus the 10 hrs mentoring support. The 50 hrs could be fully applied to mechanical and industrial design, or can be split up to half on electronics design support.

Materials costs, expenses like shipping, taxes, etc. will still be borne by the awardee company we. Additional hours required over and above the 50 hrs would be at a negotiated rate.

About Design + Industry

Design + Industry (D+I) is Australia’s largest and leading industrial design and product development consultancy, with over 50 industrial designers and mechanical engineers in their Sydney and Melbourne offices. For more than 30 years they have been the leaders in product design and innovation in Australia. With an impressive portfolio of medical device development, D+I work with clients from initial concept through to overseeing production and any stage in-between.

D+I have implemented a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO 13485:2016 — recognition of their dedication to design and engineering excellence in the development of medical devices.

Our leadership in the development of scientific and medical devices has been recognised internationally, with D+I receiving over 170 awards for design and engineering excellence. Whether you’re developing a new device or looking to improve an existing one, D+I have the experience to guide you through the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges unique to medical device development.

Design + Industry