Materials testing
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One award available.

One of the following:

1) Limited rental programs of available table-top testing equipment (most likely to be of interest are flexing, stretching and twisting).

2) Limited off-line simple testing services to conduct endurance test for samples/components.

About Bayflex

Bayflex is a service company that is the North American and European sales agent for YUASA SYSTEM endurance test equipment ( In response to the shelter in place orders in many locations, Bayflex has created a testing service, enabling organizations to send samples to us for testing, rather than having to purchase a piece of equipment.

Endurance testing is the process of precise, repeated physical excursions (bend, fold, stretch, twist, etc.) to evaluate the ability of flexible devices and materials to endure real-world stresses. These tests are currently used by consumer electronics and materials companies, and we have seen interest from medical device companies (wearables, skin patches, smart textiles, etc.).