#19. Amanda French: Smart Birth Control at Cadence Digital

Smart Birth Control at Cadence Digital


Amanda French, Co-Founder and CEO, Cadence Digital

Amanda French.png

Amanda is the co-founder and CEO of Cadence Digital – a reproductive health company focused on empowering women to understand and control their birth control. She was a 2016-2017 Innovation Fellow at the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. Amanda began her career at Edwards Lifesciences, where through the Technical Development Program she gained experience in R&D, program management, manufacturing, and marketing. She quickly caught the innovation bug, and enjoyed developing breakthrough technology as an R&D engineer with Edwards’ Advanced Technology teams as well as at Earlens. Amanda holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Duke University. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, yoga, and contemporary dance.

#18. Carl Schoelhammer: Innovating in Drug Delivery at Suono Bio

Innovating in Drug Delivery at Suono Bio


Carl Schoellhammer, Founder and COO, Suono Bio


A former student of MIT professor Robert Langer, Carl invented a pill that can inject drugs directly into the gastrointestinal tract. His mPill is a small plastic devices covered with tiny needles and a protective coating that dissolves. The invention, platform technology to deliver therapeutic molecules independent of formulation, helped him win the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.

About Suono Bio

Suono Bio is developing therapeutic products for inflammatory-mediated diseases leveraging their ultra-rapid and formulation independent delivery technology. Suono Bio’s platform enables rapid, localized delivery of small molecules, biologics, and nucleic acids and gene therapies without the need for encapsulation of the therapeutic. Suono is a portfolio company of the Rosenman Institute’s VC fund, Medtech Venture Partners.

#17. Alex Tilson: Pivoting with Advanced Materials at Loma Vista Medical

Pivoting with Advanced Materials at Loma Vista Medical

Alex Tilson, CEO & Founder, Loma Vista Medical & Neptune Medical

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Alex Tilson is the founder and CEO of Neptune Medical. Alex has spent the last twenty- five years leading high performance teams that build innovative, world-class products, including solar powered race vehicles (Stanford University, across the U.S. 2x and across Australia), film industry animatronic special effects (Edge Innovations (‘Free Willy’ and ‘Anaconda’)), surgical robotics (Intuitive Surgical), products for interventional cardiology (Guidant), implantable coronary devices (Converge Medical), extended wear hearing aids (InSound Medical), and high performance composite medical balloons (Loma Vista Medical). He is a Stanford mechanical engineer and earned an MBA from Harvard. Alex is an avid cyclist (nine major tours, including across Asia and 4x across North America), and a competitive distance runner (Olympic Trial marathoner and former American 50k record holder (http://www.hogue.com/svclassic/index2002.html)).

#16. Russ Branaghan: How to Use FDA's Guidance on Human Factors

How to Use FDA's Guidance on Human Factors

Russ Branaghan, President & Chief Scientist, Research Collective


Download the slide deck that Russ used while giving this talk.


Dr. Russell J. Branaghan is founder and scientific advisor at Research Collective. Russ enjoys teaching, mentoring and research as a Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors at Arizona State University and as a long-standing Visiting Professor at Northwestern University. Russ is also integrated in the human factors arena, where he currently serves as Chair of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Product Design Technical Group, on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Human Factors, and on the Advisory Board for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation. An avid researcher and writer, Russ has authored over 40 articles and one book. He also served an appointment as the Managing Editor of User Experience Magazine. With over 20 years of industry experience and consulting to over half of the Fortune 100, Russ brings his expertise and vision to Research Collective.

#15. Dan Burnett: Starting Medtech Companies at the TheraNova Incubator

Starting Medtech Companies at the Theranova Incubator

Daniel Burnett, MD, CEO & Founder, Theranova


Dr. Burnett received his M.D. from Duke University and concurrently obtained an M.B.A. from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Since 2006 Dr. Burnett has raised, or helped raise, over $100MM for the seven TheraNova spinouts- BAROnova, Sequana Medical (formerly Novashunt), Velomedix, EMKinetics, Channel Medsystems, Potrero Medical, and Consano Medical. He is an inventor on 15 issued patents and over 200 patents pending worldwide. He recently joined University of California San Francisco as an entrepreneur in residence with QB3 and as adjunct faculty in the Bioengineering Department.

#12. David Kim: Changing the Healthcare Ecosystem at DigiTx Partners

Changing the Healthcare Ecosystem at DigiTx Partners

David Kim, MD, CEO, DigiTx Partners


David is the CEO of DigiTx Partners, bringing both business and clinical expertise to venture capital with an extensive background practicing medicine and building healthcare software companies. Most recently, Dr. Kim served as the COO of Lumiata, a venture-backed predictive analytics company positioned at the intersection of data science and medical science. Prior to Lumiata, he spent over a decade as an investor evaluating and growing healthcare companies at MPM Capital and Pinnacle Ventures. Before entering the business sector, David practiced as a general internist and hospitalist at Kaiser South San Francisco where he also served as the Director of Urgent Care and Assistant Chief of Internal Medicine. David completed his internal medicine residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and is a graduate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (M.D), Stanford Graduate School of Business (M.B.A.), and Pomona College (B.A., Biology). In addition to leading the DigiTx fund, David serves as an active advisor to the Catalyst Program within the UCSF Clinical & Translational Science Institute.

#4. Kirsten Carroll: How to Develop, Communicate, and Deliver on a Winning Medtech Strategy

#4. Kirsten Carroll: How to Develop, Communicate, and Deliver on a Winning Medtech Strategy

Kirsten Carroll holds over 15 years of experience in product development, marketing, strategy and business development for medical devices in stroke care. Currently VP for Strategic Development at The Stroke Project, she has held senior positions at Imperative Care and Stryker Neurovascular, where she built the Marketing Operations department into a nine-person strategic development team.

#3. Michael Seres: From Hacking an Ostomy Sensor to Commercializing a Platform for Patients Worldwide

#3. Michael Seres: From Hacking an Ostomy Sensor to Commercializing a Platform for Patients Worldwide

Michael Seres, founder and CEO of UK- and US- based 11 Health and Technologies, was the 11th Briton to receive an intestinal transplant. His company has developed a Bluetooth sensor and associated platform that allows patients with colostomies and similar conditions to monitor output and receive alerts when their medical bags need to be emptied.