About the Program

The QB3/Rosenman Executive Mentorship program helps California life science and medtech entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with guidance from seasoned industry executives. There is a trial period to determine if there is a good mutual fit.

Why Executive Mentors?

Many life science and medtech founders have no business experience. Their concept or product may be viable and have a large potential market, but they face many potential pitfalls that could prevent a first-time leader from succeeding. They can greatly benefit from a veteran executive’s close mentorship.

How it Works

QB3/Rosenman leadership refer entrepreneurs to the program. Entrepreneurs receive mentorship for up to six months, an average of two hours per week. The mentor advises on strategy, operations, finance/fundraising, partnerships, and building and compensating a team. The mentor is granted 0.25% of the company's equity, which vests monthly. If the trial relationship is successful, the parties move to a longer-term, more permanent relationship independent of QB3 -- ideally a board seat or other formal advisory role.

Karen Boezi is the founding managing director of the program. A mentor herself, she meets with entrepreneurs to learn about their company and makes referrals to potential mentors who have relevant experience developing similar technology or building businesses addressing the company’s target market.

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