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Our partnering providers will choose the recipients of their services — valued at $250k — from among the 10 Rosenman Innovators. Criteria include technology, market potential, and how much a startup would benefit from a particular service.

Partnering Providers

Alloy Product Development

One award available. Visit the Alloy website

Alloy is excited to award one Rosenman Innovator with 100 hours of engineering services. The award can be applied to a range of engineering offerings including: engineering feasibility evaluation, design architecture review & development, design risk assessments, brainstorming, PCB design, 3D CAD design, prototyping, & testing.
Alloy is a product engineering firm focused on mechanical, electrical and firmware development. We collaborate with top designers, companies and entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life and solve difficult problems by applying creativity, experience, and sound engineering principles. Product engineering is what we love to do. And it's all we do. That means we focus all our efforts and services on delivering exceptionally designed products, from concept to production, at industry-leading speeds.
Alloy's expanding medical device and consumer health business draws on experience bringing products to market across a broad range of industries. We are proud to have served both small and large companies within this space including: Genentech, Novartis, Roche Diagnostics, & Zeto.

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Two awards available. Visit the BioSurg website

Scope for one award

  • The BioSurg Research Team will work with the Investigator to develop the IACUC protocol and any study-specific forms
  • The BioSurg team will assist in the following: IACUC review process; literature search; animal model selection; study design and scope; executing the experiment; provide animal records / study data
  • Through this process there will be a focus on educating the Investigator about preclinical requirements and designing an efficient experiment to maximize the feasibility data collected on the prototype in the proposed clinical procedure.  In the event that IACUC approval cannot be obtained, BioSurg may consult on an in-vitro study
  • Two-1/2 day (4 hours) in the Cath Lab or OR  (or one full day) for a surgical or interventional non-GLP acute procedure per Awardee to evaluate the functional performance or tolerability of the proposed medical device, drug, or combination product.  This study will take place at the BioSurg-facility in Winters, CA
  • Up to 2 total animals will be provided for the experiment
  • Experiment may be conducted in any of the species/breeds that BioSurg works with: domesticswine, sheep, goat, rabbit, and calf
  • Standard clinical pathology such as CBC and serum chemistry can be performed
  • BioSurg’s trained staff will manage the prep, anesthesia, and euthanasia of the animals during the entire procedure
  • Surgical or Interventional assistance can be provided by BioSurg staff during the procedure
  • A member of the BioSurg Research Team will be available during the time in the Cath Lab or OR to help the Investigator run the experiment and be sure data is collected on the case report forms
  • Necropsy evaluation and tissue harvesting as needed
  • If deemed necessary by the site, up to $750.00 of special order supplies is included to be used in the preclinical experiment at BioSurg (unused product will be the property of BioSurg)


  • Consulting Physician fees
  • Travel costs
  • Prototype manufacturing or shipping costs
  • Histopathology
  • Pathologist time
  • Analytical testing
  • PK sampling other than during the experiment
  • Advanced statistical analysis

Data Ownership

Data generated during the BioSurg Award program will be owned by either the company or entity that has developed or licensed the technology.


BioSurg and the owner of each technology receiving a BioSurg Award shall enter into a confidentiality agreement.

About BioSurg

BioSurg, Inc. was founded to provide medical device and drug companies a combination of knowledge, surgical and medical skills and physical facilities for nonclinical investigative studies. Our facility was designed and built for nonclinical feasibility and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies in a variety of animal models. For more than 25 years we have provided high quality, nonclinical acute and chronic laboratory study services, with rapid turn around times. Our capabilities are applicable to a wide variety of test article devices for all body systems and a variety of test system species. Our scientific staff presently consists of five veterinarians, one physician, and numerous technical and animal husbandry support staff. In addition contracted certified medical and boarded veterinary specialists provide their expertise as contributing scientists.

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Brown Rudnick

One award available. Visit the Brown Rudnick website

Strategic Intellectual Property Session

Brown Rudnick will provide a one-full day (up to 8 hrs.) intellectual property strategy session for a company.  Brown Rudnick will first review company background materials (e.g., investor presentations, technical documents, existing intellectual property, etc.).  Brown Rudnick will then host an intellectual property strategy session for the company with a team from the firm that includes at least one partner.  The session will focus on creating a general plan for development and implementation of the company’s patent portfolio.  The goal of the session will be to lay-out a plan to create a dominant position with respect to the company’s proprietary products.  The session will also focus on how to create commercial barriers-to-entry against competitors.  Brown Rudnick will provide a written summary of the session.

About Brown Rudnick LLP

Brown Rudnick’s Global Life Sciences Group consists of a dedicated team of professionals focused on helping life sciences companies across the world. We also work closely with management teams, lenders, and investors active in the life sciences sector. Our clients span the life sciences spectrum, including pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, biomedical, and nutraceutical.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers who were former executives and in-house counsel in life sciences companies and have significant first-hand experience with the business and legal issues facing clients in this sector. Clients trust us to provide practical advice that is based on a deep foundation of experience and understanding of the life sciences sector and the challenges confronting companies at every stage of the business life cycle.

We help companies around the world turn good science into good business. Our global representation includes advising clients in major life sciences markets in North America and Western Europe, as well as emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Central and Eastern Asia.

Our clients range from start-ups to established, multi-national public companies, as well as those who invest in such companies.  Our deep relationships with both companies and investors make us uniquely situated to bring together businesses that need financing with funding sources who are a good match, taking into account the company’s vertical space, its stage of development and management team. With these close industry connections, we also help bring together companies looking for an exit with potential acquirers.  With our knowledge and experience, our life sciences team delivers results and helps clients move to the next level. We care as much about your business as you do.

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IO LifeScience

One award available. Visit the IO LifeScience website

IO life science will support the winning team with 100 hours of design and engineering consultation to take their innovative ideas one step closer to fruition, which may include a prototype (CAD, video, animation, user experience, etc.) and engineering support (design & development, human factors engineering, verification, validation, transfer to manufacturing etc.). IO life science will work with the team over the next year as they develop their medical technologies.

ABOUT IO LifeScience

iO life science is a design & development services firm dedicated to transforming lives through the innovation of smart, connected, and patient-centric devices. We actively partner with healthcare entrepreneurs focused on creating breakthrough therapeutic solutions to unmet patient needs. Through iO investment initiatives, we offer technical services as a form of funding to accelerate the development of the company’s need to realize their vision and are committed to further investments from ideation through commercialization of healthcare solutions.

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One award available. Visit the ProtoQuick website

ProtoQuick Inc. is pleased to provide 100 hours of shop time to support the winning team in their design, prototyping, and production phases. Our experience and discretion with medical parts and products makes us uniquely suited to help bring the team’s idea to reality.

The hours can be attributed toward any of our services including:

  • Engineering Consultation on design and manufacturing best practices
  • CNC and manual machining work
  • Conventional and wire EDM Solutions and
  • Injection molding services

ProtoQuick will collaborate with the team over the next 12 months (or up to 100 hours, whichever comes first) to consult with the ideas of the group and to provide services contributing to the progress of a completed product.  Hours will be distributed at our owners’ discretion.

About ProtoQuick

We are a full-service prototyping environment, equipped to move rapidly through design, prototype, and production lifecycles.

With over 20 years of experience, we have combined strengths in engineering design consulting, CNC and manual machining, conventional and wire EDM solutions, and injection molding. We specialize not only in designing and fabricating highly precise parts, but also developing processes to produce them economically. Our wide material expertise in aluminum, brass and copper, steel and stainless steel, and plastics cover the most common requests, and our shop boasts 10+ machines to meet the careful balance of quality and quantity in production.

We are proudly certified under the ISO 9001:2015, and have a long history of contributing to many innovative and transformational products and parts.

ProtoQuick’s Quality Policy
From Prototype to Production Engineering and Process Development we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality, value, and service by committing to continuous improvement of our team of the finest people, systems and equipment.

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Three awards available. Visit the PMI website

  • The PMI Team will assist the awardee in developing the IACUC protocol.  The awardee will fill out the protocol documents to the best of their ability and the PMI veterinarian will assist as needed.  The PMI team will also offer guidance to animal model and study design as needed.    
  • PMI will provide one half day in the Cath lab (3 hours) or one 5 hour day in the Operating Room.  PMI will provide a surgical specialist for one hour for a surgical during the procedure.  The goal for the awardee should be to assess safety and/or efficacy of the medical device.
  • The study will be a non-GLP acute study
  • One animal will be provided for the award
  • The animal model provided will be a domestic yorkshire pig, a rabbit or if smaller species are requested, the number of animals will be agreed upon based on cost and study need.  If a sheep is requested, PMI will do their best to accommodate that request.
  • CBC and serum chemistry will be performed as requested
  • PMI will be responsible for preparing the animal for surgery, anesthesia, operation of Cath lab or C-arm and euthanasia
  • One bottle of contrast solution
  • PMI will harvest tissues as needed for awardee
  • PMI will supply previously used guidewires and guidecatheters as available
  • Studies to be conducted during normal business hours
  • Award expires 1 year after date of presentation


  • Consulting Physician fees
  • Travel costs
  • Prototype manufacturing or shipping costs
  • Histopathology
  • Pathology
  • Statistical analysis
  • Report


As a Contract Research Organization in business since 1983, PMI has developed a reputation for quality science and quality service based on professional management and technical expertise. We are committed to helping customers succeed in their work, to the ethical treatment of our laboratory animals, and to furthering the commercial and humanitarian applications of the biotechnology and medical device industries.

Since its inception, PMI has established a reputation for excellent science, strong surgical and clinical skills, and customized, timely service. Built initially on word-of-mouth recommendations, our business has expanded rapidly based on our ability to respond quickly and strategically to the needs of a variety of clients, primarily medical device companies developing Class III medical devices.

Clients come to PMI for our fast, efficient and flexible approach to managing research projects. Experienced in working with both start-up and established companies, we understand the need to reach client milestones that are being monitored by the financial community. To that end, we are accustomed to expediting our review of novel protocols and accelerating our research schedule.

Applying its expertise in comparative medicine, PMI guides clients in adapting the product concept to an in vivo setting, advising on such variables as vessel size, anatomical locations and organ structure. Assistance in selecting a comparable animal model for a particular clinical indication is also provided.

PMI works hand in hand with biomedical engineers and physicians/surgeons to conduct in vivo pilot studies and fine-tune the adaptation of the prototype device, helping to optimize the product’s ease of use and clinical utility. Results can be produced quickly to help clients meet important business milestones.

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Research Collective

One award available. Visit the Research Collective website

Scope for the Award: Human-Centered User Research Package

Research Collective is pleased to provide the winning team with complete human-centered, user research package. The work this award provides will: (1) improve the design of their health technology and (2) assist the start-up with meeting the human factors requirements for FDA clearance. With a close collaboration with Research Collective team, the start-up will learn human-centered research and design concepts through a hands-on approach. The award includes:

  • Develop a complete human factors design strategy plan, including: upfront research, formative evaluations and validation testing for FDA clearance
  • Plan and conduct thorough interviews with subject matter experts to gain insight into user needs and the product space
  • Conduct contextual research to identify user needs. Contextual inquiries are field research where we observe people using health technology or system, ask them about their interactions, and get real-time feedback from real users
  • Prepare a product design usability specification document highlighting the findings from the interviews and suggested design considerations
  • Create user and environment profiles for the health technology
  • Initiate the creation of the use-risk analysis, including the development of the user tasks and sub-tasks across all intended uses of the health technology (main uses, cleaning, disposal, etc.)



  • Incentives paid to the subject matter expert and contextual research study participants
  • Travel expenses incurred by Research Collective to visit the subject matter experts and conduct contextual research (if needed)


About Research Collective

Research Collective is a full-service human factors and user experience research firm. We do early design, formative and validation studies for health technology companies seeking better designs and FDA clearance. We believe rigorous, human-centered design is a critical component to the success and to the safety of a product or procedure. 

Our team of researchers have MS and PhD degrees in human factors and cognitive science, with significant experience in research design, fielding, advanced statistical analysis and reporting. We've worked with health technology clients, large and small, including: Bard, BD, Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, SynCardia, Everist Health and Intuitive Surgical. Click here to learn more.

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