Expertise and Experience to Support Your Startup

A small, dedicated team manages the day-to-day working of the Rosenman Institute. With deep expertise in consulting, technology, and bioscience, we are your partner through the startup process—from ideation to commercialization.

christine winoto

Christine Winoto, Director of the Rosenman Institute, Deputy Director of QB3, Co-Founder and Venture Partner at MedTech Venture Partners I LLP, manages the QB3 Life Science Pitch Summit program, the QB3-JPMorgan Chase program for women and diversity in life sciences, and QB3 operations. Before joining QB3, she developed business plan and marketing strategy and capital planning for Kaiser Permanente and managed business development at Genencor. In addition to consulting for startups and venture capital, she has held R&D and operations positions in medical device companies including Physiometrix (IPO, then acquired by Hospira), Cardiovasc and Heartport. Christine also worked in mergers and acquisitions for a European investment bank. Christine holds an MBA from Erasmus University in the Netherlands and a BS in food chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Kaspar Mossman

Kaspar Mossman engages internal and external stakeholders in QB3’s mission to support research and commercialization in quantitative biosciences. He manages the QB3 website, newsletter, email, event marketing, multimedia, social media, and print publications. Previously, he worked on the media staff at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and held an AAAS mass media fellowship at Scientific American. He earned a Ph.D. in biophysics from UC Berkeley.

Herminio Neto

Herminio Neto, an administrative professional with expertise in project management, logistics, organization, and customer service, manages the implementation of large-scale University of California events affiliated with QB3 programs. Prior to QB3, Herminio worked as a business analyst in the HR department at UCSF, where he provided business operational and administrative services to more than 185 employees. Herminio is a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil.